How Does Media Communication Affect Individual 's Perception And Understanding?

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Essential skills and attributes that I will require in order to gain success in my chosen profession are; communication, critical thinking, sense-making and new-media literacy. As discussed in Future Work Skills 2020 (Institute for the Future, 2011) to achieve success in the future workforce, in the next decade, is reliant on your capabilities to demonstrate foresight in the rapidity shifting landscape of organisation forms and skill requirements. Solid critical thinking and situational awareness are capabilities Marketing Executives must utilise to analyse and evaluate situations and projects to creatively deliver messages to the customer to achieve customer satisfaction and exceed expectations. With the digital age advancing in technology and by utilising driving changes such as media ecology, new-media literacy working skills and virtual collaboration are tools attainable to establish how media communication can affect individual’s perception and understanding (Postman 2009).

Learning online is vastly different to my previous experiences and learning environments, 21st century digital learning is established on a platform of communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity (Kolk 2011). Societies increase of technology has not only changed the ‘way’ we learn but also ‘how’ we learn, preparing all students to have a deeper understanding of core concepts and be active participants in the global community.

My experiences in early childhood learning and also…

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