How Does Mars Obliquity Affect The Planet's Hospitability?

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The focus of this research project encompasses the manner in which grain morphology (grain size and shape) pertains to liquid water existence. Especially through processes where the erosion of a sediment occurs through water or wind contact. The question guiding the project is as follows:
How does the grain morphology of basaltic analogue sands pertain to liquid water existence?
Reasons for choosing this topic area include my interest in space sciences and exploration, particularly in astrophysics. After hearing about possible research that could be undertaken as to the existence of liquid water on Mars from Mark Bishop my interest in the topic sparked. This led to my current research phase where I intend to prepare and complete a scientific
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The initial research question for my project, an idea created after the initial literature review, before further refining the topic is as follows: In what cyclical manner does Mars’ obliquity affect the planet’s hospitability in terms of the existence of a more hospitable atmosphere and liquid water? I found this question to be very broad and as a result, after additional topic and question refinement, I synthesised the following research question: How does the grain morphology of basaltic analogue sands connect to the existence of liquid water? Thus, how can the knowledge be applied to Martian environments in the search for water? After discussion with teachers, I further refined this question to allow a clearer outcome. This is extremely important to ensure the question being addressed has clear options for the final presentation of data. I then used a lotus diagram to brainstorm further aspects of the current research question. This allowed me to gain a higher understanding of what my project will involve, research processes that may be applied, skills I will require and develop, as well as the capabilities I may …show more content…
Safety issues that may arise throughout the project are focussed on the scientific investigation phase of research. This includes issues that may arise in the use of lab equipment. Especially, where apparatus could fall and cause injury, and malfunction or be used improperly, resulting in injury to the researcher and others in the laboratory environment. Therefore, to minimise these issues all lab equipment should be used under supervision while wearing enclosed footwear. Ethical issues that must be considered in the project arise from plagiarism and unethical interview practices. To prevent these ethical issues all sources of information should be acknowledged appropriately both in-text and within the reference list, and consent should be sought from anyone I

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