How Does Learning This Help Me? Essay

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Often times, the question is asked, “How does learning this help me? What can I possibly do with this?” The answer, while not necessarily concrete, is simple: Our knowledge is cumulative, and it prepares us for tomorrow by helping us learn how to learn and understand, even if its not a related topic

A question that has been asked before, and likely will be proposed many times in the future, is: “Does what I learn today build upon what I learned yesterday?” The answer to that question is yes, it most certainly does build upon it. In kindergarten and preschool, you learned the alphabet and basic addition. Now, you 're learning how to find i or whether or not those two right triangles are similar or if there should be a comma there or not. Those things you learned years ago are still being used today. Now, it may be that you 've not used something the day after you learned it, but you have likely used it at some point in your life, whether it was to help learn something else in a similar manner or to teach it to someone else, and be a better teacher because of it. Oftentimes, we believe that if we don 't use

“Does what we learn today prepare us for what we will learn tomorrow?” An interesting question with a rather simple answer: yes, it does. Oftentimes, we think of this in direct terms, such as addition leading to subtraction to multiplication to division, but it can also be more indirect, because if we are learning how to learn, then it will always prepare us for…

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