How Does Language Affect Our Lives? Essay

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When negative events such as wars, violence against certain groups, personal loss of one kind or another, or other traumatic events happen, we are left without words. Perhaps we are unable to explain the pain we have felt and the shock that has ensued, leaving us grasping for words. Our minds cannot form sentences as we try to understand the events surrounding us. But perhaps a closer look would show that our language skills have declined, no longer having a vocabulary large enough to allow us to describe the feelings we have. As such, we may resort to swearing to adequately gain the reaction that we desire, using words that fall more bluntly on the ears depending on the severity of the situation. This has been evident as I’ve heard even church leadership resort to harsher swear words in lieu of a bad situation.
Language has evolved, but not for the better. In my 21 years, television has changed from using “gosh” and “dang” to “damn” and the pervasive “f***”, Students in elementary schools I’ve visited use worse language than on the college campuses, and swearing is considered by some to be charming. We accept lower language as something to be proud of, rattling off swear words in everyday language. How might our world sound if people used the thousands of words at their disposal to accurately explain how they felt or what they thought? Would we use other words as crude or harsh language?
What causes more people to accept usage of worse and worse language?
Perhaps the media…

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