How Does Isolation Affect One 's Behavior? Essay

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How does isolation affect one’s behavior, possibly making them perceived as unwonted? The effect of isolation can be seen through the novel Grendel, by John Gardner, and the Disney’s movie Wall-E, directed by Andrew Stanton. Grendel and Wall-E are two animated characters that one can never understand at first encounter. When coming out of isolation, Grendel and Wall-E are always foreseen as different. As the others only see their uncommon appearance and begin to attack with fear, giving no chance for Grendel and Wall-E to explain. Through this pain of isolation they become inquisitive characters that abstractly view the world. They become less accepted by the world, however more accepting to the world around them. Because of their isolation, Grendel and Wall-E are fascinated by anything around them, as everything is unfamiliar to them. These introverts both show signs of boredom, as they attempt to fill in this feeling with curiosity. Wall-E’s curiosity is displayed by his collection of items, founded over the years by looking through trash. These items range from the most philosophical of things, to those of no importance. Grendel’s curiosity, however, is very different to that of Wall-E. Grendel displays his hatred of boredom as, “In [his] cave, the tedium is worse, of course." (Gardener 145). He tries to diminish this feeling of tedium by questioning the world that he lives in. Grendel delves into the meanings of things and attempts to rationalize the human world. Wall-E…

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