How Does Golding Use Power In Lord Of The Flies

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With power comes different qualities such as manipulation, consequences, and ignorance associated with it. This is all up to the one who has the power and how he/she distributes it. William Golding’s Lord of the Flies proposes a story of a group of boys who get stranded on an island together taking place during World War II. The group encounters numerous problems during this time period of being stranded on the island. Among this group of boys are Piggy, SamnEric, Ralph, Jack, and Simon. Jack one of the characters the reader is introduced to, is the oldest on the island. He begins the novel as a presumptuous choir boy. Although as the book goes on the reader starts to see a more savage side to him. Golding uses the character Jack to demonstrate the different ways in which power is abused and justified.
At the beginning of the book Ralph holds the majority of
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When Jack receives his role of power leader he suddenly abuses it. At the beginning of chapter four, Jack goes hunting for the beast. At this point in the book, he takes the position as leader. When trying to get the boys to join his side, he says, “I gave you food… and my hunters will protect you from the beast. Who will join my tribe?" (Golding 150). From the very start of the book, Jack misuses his power by manipulating the boys into performing tasks they did not volunteer to do. He made them do things that they were reluctant towards. At this very moment, Jack sustains his evil actions by claiming that hunting is fun for the whole group and they would get food out of it. When trying to survive food plays an important role in this. Golding portrays Jack as being the symbol of power. As he starts the power struggle he uses the fear of the beast and the promise of the meet to also overthrow the boys. As seen Jack’s manipulation of threat can overthrow any boy who will get in the way of him and his

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