How Does Global Warming Affect Modern Day Society Essay

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How Does Global Warming Affect Modern Day Society, and How Will It Affect the Future?
Global warming is a very important subject, and in recent years it has become very controversial. The rise in the globe’s average temperature has captured center stage at recent economic conventions as an unavoidable issue. World-renowned economists have been pushing the topic of the rising temperatures around the Earth, but have they exaggerated the subject? Global warming is a natural occurring event, but many scientists have expressed concern over the alarming increased rate of warmth. Is global warming an exaggerated climate change due to the fact we’ve never seen temperatures at this level? In many ways it can be excused by climate change, but we would be fools to believe human actions haven’t played a role.
Climate change can be seen as far back as thousands of years. Throughout the world’s vast history, ice ages have come and gone. Ice ages are long periods of time where the majority of the world’s surface water freezes. However, after an ice age there are long periods of warmth. Increased temperatures cause large glaciers, which formed during an ice age, to melt and sea levels rise once again. However, this cannot be classified as global warming; global warming is a gradual rise in the Earth’s temperature due to factors such as greenhouse gases. “Although many scientists believe that global warming is natural to an extent, most agree that human activity has quickened its pace”…

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