How Does Food Festival Link Between Public And Culture? Essay

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3. How does food festival link between public and culture?

How to get culture participate with public?
Culture only was a concept, and it would provide tangible heritage to show the cultural performance. The food, as part of culture, could represent the form of culture. The food festival was a platform, not only involving the consumer, but also participating the culture to public. Mcguigan (1996) stated that the cultural activities should be democracy to the public; he also stated that the public sphere should adapt to the situation changing. On the one hand, the food festival should provide an equal chance to experience the different culture. It would involve the most of people to join in the activities. On the other hand, the public space would base on the role the festival to play the game. It means that people need to adapt different role of activities. Jenkins (2006) suggested three methods to explore the culture: first was ‘inside fandom’, which was to find out the fans that have not been noticed. It also mentioned that the language was the significant barrier to reach the fans. Second was ‘going digital’, which was an important ways for not only increasing the audiences but also exploring the reputation of culture. Because digital technology becomes popular, it would be the new ways to explore the culture. Last was ‘columbine and beyond’, which was provided the policy for public that effect by popular culture. It was concerned about communities after affected by…

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