How Does Food Affect Us

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Food supply in the United States has been altered frequently since 1906. Food has been a focused point in health for a long time and it is something that keeps getting discussed and changed every year depending on the information that is found in various research pages. With the food in the United States it also has been altered frequently because the various changes in Americans and the way that they live their lives. More research has also shown various trends that people have been trying to break throughout their lives. In this paper it will better help you to understand how important the eating habits are with wellness and also how eating habits has changed throughout your life. The various changes in how society has been eating also …show more content…
Obesity is something that affects most Americans and it has been an issue that has been going on with Americans for a long time. Obesity has doubled in Americans with adults and children both (Food, Research, and Action Center, n.d.). Obesity also happens most with adolescence children. I think with obesity it is something that has been something people have been struggling with for years. With the widespread issue they are trying to find ways to keep kids and adults active rather than sitting down and not doing anything throughout the day. As well in school they are trying to have kids eat healthier rather than fatty foods and also try to keep them moving with having gym class and recess so the children are able to play outside. I believe that is key with our society because if you train the children young to stay healthy and have healthy habits it will help them when they get older and have them stay healthy. If you train them young you will be able to mold their minds rather than forcing them to do something that they are not used …show more content…
There are easy ways to help prevent the obesity epidemic but it is also easier said than done because you can say how to do it but actually doing it is another issue. With your body they give you cues on when you are supposed to be full however sometimes with those cues you would ignore them and keep eating (American Heart Association, 2015). Your body organs are structured to talk to each other and if you ignore the cues of what it is telling you it will cause you to overeat. With overeating it will cause you to become obese and start to think you need to eat that amount every time you go eat. Some other ways to help deal with obesity is to not eat big meals, to eat refined grains, portion red meats, and also lower your intake of unhealthy fats and sugary drinks (American Heart Association, 2015). I believe with how you eat and what you eat will help you with your obesity and help you understand how you should eat. Healthier eating habits is a key way of starting a healthier

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