How Does Emotions Affect Our Lives? Essay

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As in the early chapter we discussed why emotions happen and vaguely went over ways of helping yourself. In this chapter, we will dive deeper into emotions and will discuss more on the subject of why destructive emotions are triggered by certain events. As Maslow 's Hierarchy of Needs states that you need certain items and to be in a certain state of mind and health to progress to the next level of the pyramid. But now you might question yourself but how does this relate to emotions? Well as we move up the pyramid we become more stable and happy. For example people, that only have biological and physiological needs will tend to be more depressed and edgy for the lack of the basic needs that they need to survive as a human beginning. The higher you get on the pyramid you will tend to feel safer and happier for you either meet at least minimal needs or exceed those needs. Sadly tho most humans get stuck on esteem needs for we tend to want to help others and not ourselves while self-actualization is meant reaching your peak and being satisfied with yourself and who you are. Now if you are depressed you probably reached above minimal needs as a human because you probably live in the city or, at least, go into the city and interact with other people.So why are you depressed or have destructive emotions? Well, in some cases it could have been caused by bullying which in all honestly, you should always keep your head up and be positive and other ways it could be caused is by…

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