How Does Diverse Women Construct Or Resist American Identity?

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1. How did diverse women construct or resist American identity?

Over the years American women worked hard to let their voices be heard. In the earlier years it seems that many women agreed it was their duty to be the home maker. Many women, such as Eliza Leslie, Sarah Josepha Hale, and Catathine Breecher all created domestic books. These books were essentially a guide book for women on how to run the typical American home. These female authors helped provide women with tools to work better in the domestic sphere, thereby strengthened the construct of American women staying and working in the home. However, many female authors also used their writing to change the role of women. For many years, American women were unable to receive a well-rounded education. It became part of the American identity for women to be intellectually inferior to men. Breecher especially wrote how women can and should further their education. She wrote, “is it not the business, the profession of a woman to guard the health and form the physical habits of the young” and that “ought she not to know at least some of the general principles…” (339). The notion for women education soon caught on and many women were changing the identity of American women.
As it was becoming more popular for women to further their educations, many women also began to desire a job outside of the domestic realm. Unfortunately, many women had limited opportunities for work. Helen Campbell describes one man’s view of why…

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