How Does Dickens Present Pip In Chapter 1

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Chapters 9 & 10: Pip, upon returning home from Satis House, lies to Joe, his sister, and his uncle about the events at Satis House. After mulling over his guiltiness for a while, he confesses to Joe in the smithy the lie, and tells the true tale of his trip to Satis House. Joe is surprised that Pip would lied, but nevertheless offers him some advice: to stay away from the upper class. Pip keeps Joe’s advice at heart, but can only think about how ordinary Estella would perceive Joe, and dreams of the grandeur of Satis House. Pip, now armed with the goal of achieving a higher social status, vamps up his education by getting private lessons from one of his friends. After school one day, Pip goes to the pub to bring Joe home. Arriving at the …show more content…
Pip then meets Jaggers’ clerk Wemmick, who seems to be a cynical individual. Wemmick introduces Pip to Herbert Pocket, Pip’s tutor’s son, with whom Pip will spend the night. Herbert and Pip immediately begin appreciating one another; Herbert is cheerful and open, and Pip feels that his open-minded nature is a contrast to his own awkwardness. While Pip’s fortune has been set for him, Herbert is an impoverished gentleman who hopes to become a shipping merchant. They realize that they have met before: Herbert is the young man Pip bested in a fight at the garden in Satis House. Pip and Herbert agree to live together, with Herbert helping Pip on his road to gentlemanliness. Herbert also explains the story behind Miss Havisham: it is one involving a lower class man who stole her heart and smashed it, which may explain why she seemed so opposed to Pip earlier in the novel. Pip visits the distasteful world of the Royal Exchange before going to Matthew Pocket’s house for tutoring and dinner. Matthew is absent-minded but kind, his wife is ambitious but not born into a high social class, and their children are being raised by a nurse. Pip has two fellow students: a baronnet-to-be named Bentley Drummle and a young man named Startop. Over the next chapters, Pip grows closer to his fellow students and his

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