Analysis Of Great Expectations By Charles Dickens

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The book I read was Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. The book was about a boy named Pip who is an orphan living with his abusive sister and her husband Joe Gargery. One day when Pip was sitting at his parents tombstone a escaped convict pops up and takes Pip hostage and scares him into stealing him food and a metal saw to saw off his leg of iron. Than throughout the book Pip wants to become wealthy scenes he's never really had that before. But Pip realizes money isn't a key to happiness. So Pip just honestly wants to learn about life and how to become a better man. The location where the story takes place is in England. The time period in which the story takes place in is the 19th century. The significance of the story being in London England is it makes the story make more sense.There were soldiers walking around england …show more content…
One thing that makes me and Pip similar is we both want to learn and become better gentleman. Throughout the book Pip is mainly wanting to learn how to be a good man and he wants to take his family from poverty to wealth. So once Pip hears something about how he can become a better gentleman he will take that advice and use it to his advantage. I'm just like Pip i just want to become a better person throughout life so if i get anytime of advice im gonna use it. Another thing we have in common is we both want to get a good education. Pip wants to go to a good school and get the education that he never got through his whole life. I wanna do the same i want to do good in high school and go to college. One thing that is different is he is very arrogant. Pip is very self centered throughout the book, he doesn't really care about anyone but himself. But he finally gets over that starts to realize a lot. I'm not as self centered as Pip, Pip was like that almost the whole book, I care more about others than i do myself sometimes. So we are somewhat different in

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