How Does Cinematography Create Meaning in an Extract from ‘Source Code’? (Directed by Duncan Jones – 2011)

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How does cinematography create meaning in an extract from ‘Source Code’? (Directed by Duncan Jones – 2011)

In the first scene of Source Code, we are shown the main character, Captain Colter Stevens played by Jake Gyllenhaal. The shot shown is an extreme close up of his face as he is waking up (see fig.1). The view from the window is blurred so all focus is on him. The shot then changes suddenly as a close up shot as he quickly sits upright (see fig.2). The quick shots reflect what is happening as he wakes up as he’s trying to get a sense of where he is, this also helps the audience get a sense of what is happening around on the train, it also raises questions as to why he is so suddenly alert and why he is acting so strangely. As this
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To show that Captain Colter Stevens and Christina Warren are having a conversation; the camera shots change between them, so when he is speaking to her, the camera is placed behind him as an over the shoulder shot, and vice versa (see fig.3 & 4). So we can see the conversation happening from their perspectives. The use of an over the shoulder shot is effective as it makes the audience feel as if they are there during the conversation. The quick alternating shots from shoulder to shoulder cause an intense atmosphere as they both have a conversation. This also helps the audience understand the confusion that is created between the two characters.

The next few shots show what is happening around him on the train. These shots happen very quickly and last a maximum of a second. First the shot changes to show a man sat behind Captain Colter Stevens opening a can of fizzy drink (see fig. 5). The shot then quickly changes to an over the shoulder shot, but with Captain Colter Stevens looking behind his shoulder and past the camera to look at the man opening the can (see fig.6). These shots are used so that the audience can understand a bit more with what is happening with the character and the situation that he is currently in. The quick shots are from Captain Colter Steven’s view; therefore the audience is seeing what he is seeing

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