How Does Brain Injury Affect Your Life? Essay

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Traumatic Brain Injuries
How do you think a brain injury could affect your life? How difficult do you think it would be living with the lasting effects that a brain/head injury causes? These are questions that athletes of all ages are now having to ask, and the answers are disturbing. To have a traumatic brain injury, there must be some type of violent trauma done to the brain. There are numerous classifications to brain injuries, including whether it is a brain or head injury. Depending on the severity, and the location of the injury, determines what kind of injury that individual has. Many doctors believe that brain injuries are the most common causes of death. As well as having the most significant number of people suffering from temporary or permanent disability due to the injury (Head Injury 1). A traumatic brain injury, or often referred to as a TBI, is similar to most injuries.
Most of the time with traumatic brain injuries everything is normal, then the next moment an event changes your life abruptly. In different aspects brain injuries are difficult, a traumatic brain injury has many repercussions. Brain injuries differ from other injuries due to the healing process the brain goes through. Many limbs that become broken or impaired in some form, are able to regain their previous function. That is what makes brain injuries so different, brains does not heal as well as the other anatomy in the body(TBI1). Also, no two brain injuries are the same, the injury could…

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