How Do Stakeholders Their Contexts And Their Bioethical Principles Support Your Viewpoint?

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7. How do the stakeholders, their contexts and their bioethical principles support your viewpoint? Explain.

Doctors are responsible for treating and caring for their patients to the best of their ability. They also have moral and religious opinions which can play a part in their treatment decisions. They have an interest in this issue because they are the ones that deal with the patients who are currently suffering from conditions that stem cells could help benefit. This issue affects them because without the answer and option of stem cell research, they can’t help or provide their patients with an answer. Doctors influenced my viewpoint because they are the ones doing good for their patients, while also doing no harm to their patients and/or embryos.

Patients have an interest in this issue because they are the ones dealing with the conditions. Without stem cell research and the answers, these patients will be the ones suffering. The patients influenced my viewpoint based on the justice bioethical principle. Those who are suffering from the diseases should be allowed equal treatment and resources should be provided to them “giving to each that which is his due.”

Family members are the ones that have to see the patient suffer from the diseases. They also want answers and for their loved one to be treated. Like in the video posted on blackboard, no mother or father wants to see their child suffer from these diseases, especially without any treatment being offered…

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