How Do Parents Support Their Parents Essay

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While growing up, children get a lot of support from their father and mother. Children learn things from them. Every action that parents do, their child wants to do the same. Parents are always careful with their child until they get older and ready to do things by their own. But what about when the child gets older? Are they going to take care of their parents and give the same support and love? Many people will change when they are mature. They always want to be on their own and forget about their parents. As people gets older, they should not forget about their parents. Parents support their child until they are mature and ready to do things by them self, but a lot of children forget to pay them back. Children never think about their parents when they are …show more content…
This story makes me angry when I remember about it. My uncle use to be kind to my grandma. He always brought food to my grandma when he was in college. He use to take care of my grandma more than anyone do to their parents. As he got older, he became a different person, after all he stopped supporting my grandmother. He got his own job, then he got married. After that, he moved to America from Uzbekistan with his nuclear family, which was far from my grandma. My uncle totally stopped caring about my grandma, and forgot about her. After a while my grandma got sick, and she needed an operation done immediately, otherwise she might die. The doctors in my country couldn 't help her because they couldn 't guarantee the result of the operation so she had to go to Korea. Korean doctors were more professional than our doctor’s in Uzbekistan. However, she needed more money to go there and do the operation. She asked my uncle to help her financially. My uncle and her wife were both working at that time and they probably had enough money to help my grandma, but they refused. My uncle said he doesn’t have the money. He didn 't even care about my grandma 's health, and

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