How Do Gangs Affect Society

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Many affects are rising with the increase of gang numbers. However, many people think “gangs” gets a bad press. Good amounts of people agree that gangs are a crucial part of growing up, with a positive and older role model in position. Author Casper Walsh says gangs are good for society and can increase wealth in the economy with a responsible and wise elder. Even though gangs are profitable, gang lifestyles are very brutal and violent because mafias create problems for problems for society and they harm adolescent lifestyles and health.
“Gang life’s are full of violence, fear, and heartless killing, which are why most members are seeking to escape” (Tyson). Gangs just don’t kill and steal from one another. Many gangs smuggle drugs from country
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“Thousands of Italian organized crime figures have come illegally to this country” (Italian Organized Crime). With the increase of gangs coming into the United States could lead to many harmful affects to Americas’ economy and society. New Orleans was the site of the first major mafia in the United States. This led to prostitution rings birthed in the United States (Italian Organized Crime). “Gang fights not only affect the government but also each other, and their internecine wars further weaken the state” (Lind). Gangs affect all parts of society, they steal military arms from the government, they kill and beat other gang members, and leave mental affects and scars on society as a whole. “In Aleppo, Syria one man said that a friend had warned him not to visit because young gunmen in a gang had established a checkpoint to rob car passengers” (Lind). This is an example of gangs horrifying affects on society. Gangs create fear and terrify people, which lead to them stealing and killing. Films in America like Gangs of New York and a West Side Story reflect a fear of gangs in society (Lind). Gangs are not just located over in the Middle East regions but right in our country and states creating just as much havoc and fear as other gangs in places like Afghanistan and

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