Rebellious Teens

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How do families cope with teens during “rebellious” years?
Many parents when they have a new born enjoy them. Then all of a sudden, hear other parents talk about the “terrible twos”. How hard it is having their children run all over the place being curious about everything. But that’s one of the stages they should enjoy their babies more. Connect with them as much as possible. Then on the other hand you have parents who have teens worrying what their teenagers are up to? Why are they doing the things they are doing, like not obeying the “house rules” and if they will come home for the night. Over the past few decades we have heard of teenagers going against the parents will running away, ranting under their breath and many other things they
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Many of them think they drop them in school as they go in. But what really happens behind those doors only the student and their "so called" friends know what happens. I know when I was young my father would drop off right infront of the highschool I would wait for a couple of minutes then continue to walk right past the school entrance and go to a friends house. As soon as the report cards came in I would change the absences to zero. These rebellious attitudes also seem to happen at schools more so in middle and high schools. It is hard for rebellious teens to trust anyone. According to Rhonda Clements article “Dealing with Rebellious Student Behavior”, Takes students “a long time for teachers to win the rebellious students trust”. Since the only people they feel they can trust is themselves and their friends seeing an adult giving them orders is not the way to go. Some of the common rebellious behaviors seen at school are, talking during class, using profanity, talking during class, Using profanity, Showing facial disgust, Shrugging shoulders, Responding in disrespectful tone, Rolling their eyes, Constantly ranting under their breathe, Unwillingness to move when asked. Using profanity is probably one of the many ones teens use from home to school. Brenda always uses profanity which makes her look so

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