How Did The Day Time Assessments Differ From The Night Time Assessment?

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1. How did the DAY TIME assessment differ from the NIGHT TIME assessment? Describe.
a. During the day time assess, there were many people walking around the city. Lots of people in business attire were walking around the capital area and near strawberry square. People from different ethnic background were standing at the bus stops. There was a handful of people with an unsteady gait using assistive devices.
b. During the night time, there were mainly Caucasian people outside the bars on 2nd street. On 6th street there were mainly African Americans at the bars or stores. On 3rd street there was a diverse crowd of people. More people were walking to the bars throughout the city rather. Several homeless people were laying at bus stop or sitting by the banks on 2nd street.
2. What are the strengths of the community (appreciative inquiry approach to assessment)?
a. Pinnacle health hospital is a strength to the community because they focus on health related issues and provide health care services to people in the community. Pinnacle health also owns the health care center at on 3rd street for women and children. The Hamilton health center is also a great strength to community because it helps the underserved community even if they do not have insurance. The YMCA, YWCA, and the Bethesda mission, because it provides housing for the homeless, poor, domestic violence, or for people who needs somewhere to stay. The Capital has a diverse group of people and provides job opportunities…

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