Royal Proclamation, Declaratory Act, And Lord Dunmore's Rebellion

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Salutary neglect was a wonderful thing that allowed the colonies to truly flourish as a society, but following the French and Indian War, the British government made mistakes that took a good relationship where the colonials were proud to be part of the British Empire and spoiled it which eventually led to a Revolution. If Great Britain would have made superior decisions, the association between the two could have stayed healthy; a revolution possibly may not have taken place, and America may not have declared independence and broken away. The Royal Proclamation, Stamp Act, Declaratory Act, and Lord Dunmore’s Proclamation, are four unfortunate decisions on the British side that led to rebellion. With the Help of Baubles of Britain, written by T.H. Breen and Rebel against Rebel, authored by Woody …show more content…
In this instance, there were numerous people who were faithful to Britain, and one decision made by an administrator changed everything. Looking at Lord Dunmore’s Proclamation, he declares “All slaves, indentured servants free and to join the British troops.” With the fear of an uprising and the possibility of slave masters being murdered, this proclamation did not settle well with plantation owners. From their prospective, Dunmore had issued their death warrants. Fearing for their lives and seeing the possibility of a fight against a mass of now freed Africans set into motion a series of events which made various Virginians change their affiliation from the British to the American cause and to finally break away from Britain. Furthermore, according to Woody Horton, the removal of gunpowder, did not improve the situation either. The fear of assassination and no way to protect themselves helped pave the way for the people of Virginia to decide that they had had enough, and it was time to break away from Great

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