Comparing The Battle Of Lexington And Concord

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Elieth Serrano-Ortega
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Essay #2 due October 17, 2015

Events such as the Battle of Lexington and Concord, Second Continental Congress and the publication of Common Sense transformed the competing visions of Patriots and Loyalists. Lexington and Concord “struck many participants as an irreparable rupture”. General Gage had the intention of seizing rebel arms in the town of Concord. However, when the General’s soldiers arrived, they were greeted by Patriot militiamen and shots were fired. As a result of the violent unraveling of the empire, political leaders of the rebellion reconvened as the second continental congress. They soon tried to take control of the British rule. The members of the Second Continental Congress began to plan a large military campaign to defeat British forces. Due to the fact that Virginia slaveholders were moving toward armed resistance, Lord Dunmore threatened them with an emancipation order, later introduced as Lord Dunmore’s Proclamation.
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News about the battle outcome spread fairly quickly. News reports accelerated the spread of fighting. A month after the battle, two different groups of New England militiamen captured Fort Ticonderoga and Crown Point. By capturing the two forts, the rebellious colonists acquired a significant amount of ammunition and other supplies that would be useful. Some of the arms were then brought Boston in the summer and the Patriots began a siege of the British stronghold

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