How Did Religion Influence Catherine Mcauley

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QUESTION: An essay about the influence of religion in the life of Catherine McAuley.
Catherine McAuley was born in 1778, during the time Ireland had two tired societies, Ireland of the Wealthy who were educated Anglo-Irish who were Protestant. The second was Ireland of the Poor, who were usually Catholic, uneducated city workers and peasants. Dublin was also a city where the vast majority lived in miserable destitution. Catherine was in the first group, being in the wealthy society even though she was catholic gave her many influential experiences. Catherine's father was a wealthy tradesman and Catherine learned from his example to respect and help the poor and the oppressed. However when both parents died, she experienced poverty and deprivation.
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and Mrs. Callaghan. Although suspicious of all things ‘Catholic' they were very supportive of Catherine's ministry to the poor of the neighbourhood of Coolock where they lived.

Religion played an important role in influencing Catherine McAuley’s life. One aspect of religion that affected Catherine McAuley was the beatitudes. Throughout her life, Catherine became to realise a deeper understanding of religion. This lead her to have a more simplified way of life. This is because her spirituality was being formed in her, a spirituality rooted in her own concrete experience of what it meant to be poor and to be persecuted. By having this she was able to conform into the first and last beatitudes. The first beatitude being “Blest are the Poor in spirit; the reign of God is
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Being a practising Catholic during Catherine McAuley's time was very hard. Due to her constant shift in households, Catherine experienced different families who had a different religions view to her. Staying with different families, she would try and keep her religion more subdue to not offend them. Even though Mr Callahan openly condemn her practices. She was influenced by the theology of the cross as she was catholic and used it a symbol of her faith. She would constantly find clever ways to aids for devotion for her to use the symbolism of the Cross in the branches of the trees and even within window frames and door panels. Catherine's adaptations of the cross enabled her to have a so source of union with the crucified. Her theologies of the cross lead to a deep love of the Passion and a spirituality immersed in God's Mercy. In her own words: "the humble agonising Christ is my Christ. Him will I have and hold. Outside of Him, nothing.”Catherine was able to turn and look to the cross as it was all she saw. For example her problems regarding the chap- laincy of Baggot Street, or at the jealousy and competitiveness that beset her from the supporters of the Sisters of Charity or the legal battles involving the foundation of Kingstown and the construction of the laundry for the support of the poor, or the contradictions that arose in regard to

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