How Did Pericles Influence Greek Politics

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Pericles became the most influential politician and general in Athens from the late 450s until his death in c.430-29. He was from the prominent noble Alkmeonidae family which gave him status and privilege and he was closely involved at a young age, in the democratic reforms of Ephialtes (In which the power of the Areopagus was weakened and then transferred to the demos) Pericles had been the leader of the democratic faction of Athenian politics since 462 BCE and his leadership meant that Athens was now solely governed by the council and the democratic Assembly.

Pericles quickly brought forward legislation that let anyone serve as the archon, despite birth or wealth. The Assembly became the central power of the state and it consisted of all
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The payment attracted people so much that the thetes began to move up in society and become less poor, which eventually eradicating poverty and created an extremely wealthy (in both money and spirit) empire. “Sometime during the mid to late fifth century BC, possibly due to their importance in the navy (rowers), the distinction between the Thetes and Zeugitae became fainter. In time, they were enrolled as Zeugitae and not as Thetes and as such became eligible to hold the office of archon” (Kenworthy, p.118)

Pericles democratic reforms and policies gave power to the ordinary citizens of Athens and allowed them to rise up as individuals and that created the glory that was the Golden Age of Athens. “ was under him that Athens’ was at her greatest” (Thucydides 2.

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