Golden Age Of Athens Dbq Essay

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Mahaa Ayub


The Persian Wars had just ended, and Athens had surprisingly come out on top. After the alliance between Athens and Sparta broke, Athens decided to create a new alliance, known as the Delian League, which helped the city’s wealth and empire during this time. The Golden Age of Athens is referring to the period where art and skills in the city were at their peak. Now at peace, Athens cultivated its city into its peak of cultural achievements. Pericles created an Athenian government that flourished. Athens achieved success in the arts such as physical art and in dramas. Athens reached new heights in intellectual achievement that proved it was the city’s Golden Age.

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TS: The success of Athens
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The principles and quotes made by him are still used today, and his successors also continued to preach his teachings as time passed. The teachings Socrates had changed Athens and would later on affect the world.

Evidence 2: In Document F, Hippocrates, a physician, repeats part of the Hippocratic Oath. The Hippocratic Oath is still used by doctors today, showing the impact that the Greek ages had on the world as they are still in use today. This shows the peak of Athenian doctors as hundreds of years later the principles created by them are still important to doctors today.

Evidence 3: Document C, written by Thucydides, shows a written account of a historical event, in the document’s case, Pericles’ Funeral Oration. This is important and proves Athens Golden Age because this is one of the first times in history there is a written history of something. Athenian historians such as Thucydides and Herodotus began to compile primary sources of historical events that would later help histories today learn about Athens and set the beginnings of other people writing

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