How Did North And South Korea's Reunification?

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In 1910 to 1945 Korea was dominated by Japan, but later, Korea could regain their freedom with the help of America and Soviet Union on Aug. 15, 1945. At the time, America and Soviet Union were in alliance. After regained, Korean polities reformed quickly as democracy and they tried to elect a new president. However, there had one big problem that America wanted Korea to be democracy nation, but Soviet Union Wanted Korea to be communism nation because America pursued democracy, but Soviet Union pursued communism. Therefore, people were divided into two support groups with democracy and communism polities. Two support groups formed antagonistic relationship each other and it started Korea War what caused division South Korea into North and South Koreas on August 8,1945 (Szczepanski). After that, North and South Koreas have conflicted with political enmity and suffered from fear of when war will happen. Currently, North and South Koreans confrontation news are broadcast. In reality, North Korea shelled South Korean island on November 23, 2010. So, South Korea got damages that two people died and 3 people wounded seriously (BBC news). Nevertheless, why some people are support North and South Koreas’ reunification? Because, if both Koreas’ reunify, Korea could get economy world power, save national defense expenditure, and protect both of North and South Koreans’ human rights.
First off, Korea could get economic world power. If North and South Korea
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About 200 of minerals have economic value. In fact, good natural resources affect country 's industrial development. For example, Japan 's industry could improve by their hydroelectric power resource that is base of power production. If North Korea 's great bulk of resources integrate with South Korea 's technology capital strength, both Koreas could be one of the economy world power

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