How Did Joseph Stalin Impact Society

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Joseph Stalin was born into poverty on December 18, 1879, in the small town of Gori, Georgia. Stalin father was a shoemaker and abuser. The author Karl Marx was being read secretly reading by Joseph Stalin during the seminary. His interested was in the work of German social thinker named “Communist Manifesto” in the revolutionary movement against the Russian monarchy. Stalin became an underground political protester in labor demonstrations and strikes. The First central Committee of the Bolshevik party was Stalin who was recommended by Lenin. Pursuing this further, in 1922 Stalin became the secretary general Central Committee of the Communist Party. After Lenin died Stalin became in power of the communist then dictator of the Soviet Union.
Nazi, Germany was defeated with the help of the Red Army during WWII. Because of
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The culture of the Russian people has been changed in many ways. Examples of the changes are how the he changed the rural citizens to full fledge industrial workers. Moreover, Stalin impacted society on both sides of the scale. He forced industrialization and the collectivization of agricultural land, consequential in millions dying from shortage of food He murdered millions of innocent people to the point of no return. On the other hand he brought many social and health changes. This is evidence to how the Soviet Union was capable of staying in power for nearly 40 years past his death in 1953.
In the book, Animal Farm, there was an animal just like Joseph Stalin. The animal was Napoleon. He acts as one of two leaders of Animal Farm with Snowball. He isn't as clever as Snowball. He runs off Snowball when he felt threaten by Snowball. This is the same as Joseph Stalin ordering someone to kill Trotsky. Napoleon had dogs to protect him and killed the opposing animals. Joseph Stalin had the Secret police to kill citizens and protect him. He governed the animal farm while Stalin governs the Soviet

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