How To Describe Helen Keller

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She was deaf and blind

Smart, activist, and wise, are three things that describe Helen Keller. Many people Know that Helen how she taught her and how she taught her lessons. They would go to were helen was born and that is were they would start their lesson.While Mrs.Annie taught the lesson and helen learned it Helen would sometimes run into bumps along the way. Other things they did together. Helen and Mrs.Annie travel together/places and got to meet important people. They got to visit the White house and got to meet Grover Cleveland. While they traveled they went on a lecture tour and and went to visit different cities.(Thompson p.95) Visiting/traveling and her lessons with her teacher were important because it help
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Helen had a completed a lot in her life at a young age. When Helen was 16 she could go to college because how well she could speck. When helen was 10 she could write in braille.(Fetzer pg.255) this shows how she accomplished a lot of goals when she was blind and deaf at a young age. Other things Helen did in her life. These are some things helen accomplished in her life Helen had always wanted to make a book well the first one did not go so well but a famous one that a lot of people know about even me is The Story of My Life this is a big achievement she did. Helen was a serious political thinker who made important contributions.(Fetzer pg.255)Helen was a big impact on society and she accomplished a lot at a young age and even when she got older she accomplished a lot of things and set her goals and did it and never gave up.
Good things that has happened to Helen. A good thing that has happened to Helen is her good/ great friends.One of her friends was a girl named Martha Washington who was a servant that she would play with when Helen was a little girl. Another great friend that she was forced to meet but later when she meet him became great friends was in 1886, they were referred to Dr.Alexander Gram Bell who invented the tell fone Helen enjoyed their meeting and became good friends.(DeAngelis and DeAngelis pg.3 and 16)Helen had great friends growing

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