How Did Elvis Presley Impact Society

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Rock and Roll’s sheer exist has seemed to coexist with multitudes of hormone drenched teenagers for decades. Many may be familiar with Elvis Presley as one of America’s most musically influential figures of all times. Infamously recognized as the “King of Rock n’ Roll”, Elvis Presley has forever been engraved within the course of history as one of America’s most talented figures. As a prominent musician, actor, and a cultural icon of the 20th century, he has certainly left behind a well-bounded legacy behind. By profoundly incorporating his signature image, behavior, and singing on stage, Presley has successfully influenced and united our country by introducing it to his hits such as "Mystery Train" and "That 's All Right Mama", which both sold thousands of copies. This surely indicates that Presley has certainly impacted American society and revolutionized the world of music and film. His talents have revolutionized and redefined what today’s present popular music is by diminishing and overcoming social and racial …show more content…
Elvis and his music played a vital role in downgrading segregation between the two races by crossing their cultural boundaries similarly to how Civil Rights advocates fought for equal rights. Elvis’s unique blend of influences consisted of a musical fusion of gospel, country, blues, and Rock and Roll rhythm. Elvis’ audience also consisted of wide diversity of all races, ages, and gender, but appealed most to his female fans. He also had the unique ability and opportunity to merge the wider range of influences to create a new sound by primarily utilizing the guitar. Elvis’s musical identity was also greatly inspired by the influence of African American music and culture. Yet, he was equally influenced by white gospel and country. In other words, he managed to successfully bring and combine black music and white music

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