10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America Analysis

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Will McGillis
Colonel Prine
DC US History
18 August 2015
10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America Essay The 10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America is a book, which highlights a group of very important days in United States history. With that said, this book chose 10 days that the typical person probably would not have chosen. They elected not to choose any day before 1965 and also sought to choose days that would spark debate. Therefore, this student feels that there are some dates, which did not deserve a place in this piece of writing. However, in the opinion of this student, the majority of the days mentioned within the book are indeed very important and warranted a place in this book. This student also feels that the most important day mentioned was Shay’s Rebellion and the least important was When America
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history, When America was Rocked holds less importance than any other day in the 10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America. It is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. This chapter takes a look into the impact that Elvis Presley had on America and unifying it. This student agrees that Presley had a great deal of power on uniting African Americans and whites in America but when looking at the title of the book, it is has the word “days” in it. The day listed, September 9th, 1956 had little significance in the grand scheme of things. This one day, had it not happened, would not have changed much of history. Life still would have gone on as usual and the United States as known today would still have gone on the same way. Every other day in the book has a huge significance compared to When America was Rocked. This student would have liked to see a different day used in the place of this one. In this student’s opinion it would have added a lot of value to the book had a day such as one of significance during the Civil War been a part of 10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed

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