How Did Charles Manson Affect Criminal Behavior

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A notorious criminal, Charles Miles Manson, was the center of a sadistic cult that afflicted many throughout the 1960s. Manson and his sect came to typify the aphotic marginal of an aeon that many usually affiliate with amity and unrecompensed love. During this spree, he commanded others to commit a series of crimes including thievery, assault, and even murder while under the influence of The Beatles and recreational drugs. Charles Manson was born to a sixteen year old girl who abandoned him due to her sorry life of prostitution, and he lived his early childhood in neglect, abuse, and abandonment. Throughout his early childhood, Manson alternated in and out of boys’ homes and reform schools. Then at age twenty-five, he insinuated the adult prison system. Discharged and gratis seven years later, this has marked that he had dissipated more than half his essence in institutions. On November 12, 1934 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kathleen Maddox gave birth to Charles by his biological father, known as “Colonel Scott”, who lived in Ashland, Kentucky. Kathleen filed a lawsuit against Scott two years after Charles’ birth for child support, and she conquered the case, but it …show more content…
Kathleen was commissioned to prison when Charles was five years old and then delegated to West Virginia to live with relatives, where he did not have an excellent experience. In one precedent, his uncle emitted him to school adorned in a dress as a form of ostracism for bawling. Upon her release from prison, she took him with her, and to Charles, it was one of the most joyous times until she remarried and pirouetted him over to the state. At the tender age of nine, Manson departed for a reform school for stealing, and he stole again when he was twelve and went to Gibault School for Boys in Terre Haute,

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