How Did Andrew Jackson Changed America

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There was one special day in the year of 1833 that absolutely changed America due to Andrew Jackson. He destroyed The National Bank of America due to his belief of the amount of power it was given without liability and it was unconstitutional. The Second Bank of the United States was sanctioned in 1816 for a 20 year term. The time held worried many people in Congress about money related to private companies. Bank supporters needed solid cash and focal control of the economy. In 1828, Jackson was elected President. The Bank of the United States was run by Nicholas Biddle. His underestimation of the tenacious President brought about his ruin and the downfall of the money related establishment. Fearing downsizing of the common man, President Jackson reduced The National Bank’s power and became its most powerful enemy by closing all federal fund deposits, which destroyed The Second Bank of America. Andrew Jackson was born on March 15, 1767, near Lancaster, South Carolina. His parents, Andrew and Elizabeth, along with his two older brothers, Hugh and Robert, emigrated from Ireland two years earlier. Andrew, along with his brothers, joined the …show more content…
Biddle was known to be more a strict businessman than a politician. Nicholas had turned to members of Congress, including the very powerful Kentucky Senator Henry Clay and leading businessmen sympathetic to the bank, to fight against Jackson, proving that his thoughts was the correct way to handle the situation. Because of the way he underrated the power of a strong and popular President, his actions showed where the outcome turned out to be. He caused the downfall of himself and the demise of the financial institution he

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