How Did America Get Its Independence

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At the time of the Seven Year War, who would thought that someday a revolution would be fought for the independence of a new nation by American colonies? With the colonies becoming protected from invasion by the British in return the American colonies would have paid for fewer taxes and still be able to expand their trade of domestic economic without the British government involvement. By this the British were concerned and there for establish the Navigation Act in order to have all trades be between England and the American colonies, which only British ship could only transport certain commodities going to the mother country. With the Navigation Act England had its ties to the exporting and importing of the goods from the colonies.
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But, like most wars, they is always a winner and loser. What we do know is the America got its independence, its own government, Civil rights and most of all they got their freedom. As, for the losers of the revolution, well that went to the Loyalist who stayed with the King and to the mother country. Another I believe were the Native Indians. They lost the rights to their land. The defeat of the British gave the American colonist a political stand and an economic rights from the British. Even though the fight was always about freedom and Independence away from the British, but it also gave the American people the rights to establish their own representative government, which the people could now elect the best political leaders to suit their interest. When we look back and realized the issues between the colonies and England, it always about currency, and the British believed in taxes. With the new government establish the Americans could now taxes its people with good intention of that money going to the people of the United States. The Americans were now free from trade with the British government and found Independence of British

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