Essay about How Devin Is A Black Male That Has A Wife And Two Kids

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Devin is a black male that has a wife and two kids who has recently moved to Alabama. Devin graduated high school with honors and was at the top of his class. After that, he moved on to college to pursue a degree in business management where he met his wife, Isabell. After college graduation little did they know that finding a job was going to be harder than they thought. Devin and his wife had looked in the paper and online and found several job openings. The two of them made appointments with the managers to get interviews. Devin was meeting with a big company in the city and felt extremely confident. He knew he had all the qualifications and great references from the college. When he arrived, he was told to sit in the lobby like the rest of the potential hires. In that moment, everyone was staring and it made Devin feel unconfutable. He was the only black person in the room. One hour later it was finally his time to go back to the manager’s office, and as soon as he stepped foot in the office he had a bad feeling. Devin went to shake the manager’s hand, and the manager just looked at his hand and sat done. The interview went on and the manager was making it his job to make Devin look bad. He never gave Devin a shot to talk and explain why he would be good for the position. The manager even made a comment saying his resume was outstanding, but because of his race, Devin should not expect to get the job. All Devin wanted was a chance at the job and to be treated equal…

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