Essay How Culture Is Important For Future Generations

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How has cultural change affected/ effected what schools do, what we do as teachers, and how schools and teachers will change?

The culture in which individuals participate in, have sets of ideas and beliefs, on what should be taught at school, who can go to school, and who can teach it . Just one small change in a culture’s perspective, and the whole school system could change. Many ideas within a culture can be the principles for what should be taught in a classroom. It is basically what that particular culture thinks is important for future generations to know. In the western world, we see math, literature, science, history, and social studies, as essential knowledge for an educated person. We also see as extracurricular activities such as music, art, physical education, agricultural classes, and home economics as good skills for students to participate in school. While in other cultures they may think otherwise. For example, a tribe in West Africa might find it important to teach their children to hunt. Or in the Muslim world, they see an importance to teach their students to read the Quran. These all may be different perspectives of what we consider important things to teach our students, but to each individual culture, they are important. Some cultures throughout the world still have strict rules on who is able to attend schools and who shouldn’t. In some cases, only the wealthy get educated, in other cases only males are allowed in school. Our American history…

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