How Culture Diversity Within The Classroom Essay

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Culture Diversity in the classroom is something to be studied in order to have success when it comes to teaching students. There are many practical ways to help teach a multitude of learners. Teachers sometimes assume that all children understand basic rules about school. This could range from the way teachers and students communicate to basic understanding of content. According to Davis, “Many students just seem to ‘know’ what to do and expect in our classrooms. However, others, often our diverse learners, may not be privy to the hidden rules or unspoken codes of our classrooms,” (pg.5). Being sensitive to different cultures will create equal opportunities for all students. There are practical ways to practice teaching cultural diverse students. Some of those ideas are to study each culture in the classroom. According to Spradlin, “However, there are many cultural groups, whose values are explored in this text, that embrace interdependence as opposed to independent decision-making, that restrict communication and expression of feelings, and that take pride in group rather than individual accomplishments,” (pg.6). Because of these differences, a teacher must study the cultures in their school. This will give educators insight into how to individualize teaching. Another way to teach in a diverse classroom is to get to know the parents. Setting up ways to communicate via phone, email, or any other way is a great tool. This allows the teacher to learn about…

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