How Cultural Self Awareness Is Important For Developing Cultural Intelligence

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Cultural self awareness is important to develop cultural intelligence. This is having the ability to be aware of rules, beliefs and traditions being celebrated by social groups whom consider themselves a culture, such as sports groups, schools, and religions, both local as well as out in the wider communities. Understanding cultural differences allows for individuals to smoothly integrate into these said communities with complete social cohesion.
This critical reflection will analyse the importance of understanding and demonstrating how cultural self awareness is important to developing cultural intelligence in multicultural societies. A critical reflection is reflecting on own personal thoughts, feelings and beliefs in depth with analysation of social and cultural contexts. Critical reflection allows us to challenge the way we live and learn or engaging in transformative learning by linking emotion and cognitive processes (Taylor, 2001).

Being able to fully comprehend this topic of cultural intelligence one must understand each key term. Cultural awareness is the foundation of communication, it is having the strength to stand back from our selves and focus on the surrounding communities values, beliefs and perceptions. Cultural awareness allows us to respectfully analyse and understand others and how they represent their cultures in difference to our own (Quappe & Cantatore, 2005.)
Cultural intelligence, “is a person 's capability to function effectively in situations…

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