How Congress Allocates The Funds Help Create More National Parks?

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It is important that Congress allocates the funds to create more national parks because they can provide full-time careers for people as well as internships and seasonal jobs. Within these parks, some of the internships which they offer are Geoscientists-in-the-Parks Internships, Youth Conservation Corps, and National Parks Business Plan Internships. Each of these internships can provide students with a more in depth knowledge about a given field and provide valuable experience. The Geoscientists-in-the-Parks Internship program “works with partners to match scientists with short-term, paid, volunteer opportunities in the National Park Service.” (Geoscientists). The parks benefit from this internship because it provides them with additional information which the people involved in the internship can provide and the participants gain the experience needed in their field of study. The other internships within the park act in similar ways; both the parks and the participants benefit from the interaction. The NPS Academy Program teaches college students about potential careers within the National Park Service over the course of a week through different classes and seminars. The Youth Conservation Program helps the youth play a role in the conservation of National Parks. All of these programs, internships and opportunities provide opportunities to the public that other places just can’t do. If Congress were to expand the National Park Service’s budget and create new parks than…

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