Essay How Coffee Affects Our Modern World

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It’s not every day you wake up and expect a glass of wine or a jug of beer, but coffee is a drink most people wouldn’t mind having in the morning or even afternoon. Whether you are of the many who drink coffee or not, it is without a doubt the drink that stumps all other drinks. While it may not be the healthiest it is certainly healthier than that of beer and wine and of course holds less negative side effects. Beer, wine, and coffee have all been around for ages and even so until today they remain alive, but coffee has had a greater impact in our modern world of today. Coffee can bring essential health benefits if taken at reasonable amounts, and can help you start of your mornings with a bit of caffeine by giving you a boost of energy, coffee has brought life to many industries and of course tragedies don’t often come from the consumption of coffee as it does not cause intoxication.
It seems like both beer and wine have brought joy and memories to a lot of people over the years. It’s been proven that in the past that early civilizations praised upon these drinks. From godly stories to ancient religions, there wasn’t anywhere where these drinks couldn’t be found. They were held in such high regards that these drinks were used in every celebration, initiation, and religion. These drinks could be seen as godly themselves. Constantly being used as offerings and currency. As of today these drinks are still held in high regards. When one goes into celebration or when one goes…

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