How Class Has Changed The Way That I See The World Essay

1129 Words Oct 22nd, 2014 null Page
Growing up in a blue collar, middle American, union home has given me the privilege to accomplish many of the goals that I have set forth for myself without much trouble. I grew up in a predominantly caucasian town, with a well funded school system, and was I active in my local congregation, which has impacted the way that I see the world. My parents played an extremely active role in my life and encouraged my siblings and I to work hard and to set high goals for ourselves. They would be critical of our decision making and insisted that we be responsible and finish the goals that we had set for ourselves because quitting was never an option for us. I think that class has always played a critical role in shaping my worldview. I recall times when I was younger, my mother and father would be discussing the prevailing wage and whether or not my father should vote to strike with his union. When I was younger I did not understand what they were talking about, but I think growing up listening about the plight of blue collar workers has attuned me to the plight of low-income and middle class working families. My parents always encouraged my brothers and I to think critically about the things that we were learning in school and things that we heard about in our everyday lives, especially as they pertained to class issues. My family has always had an “us versus them” outlook when talking about class issues and the animosity between working class families and the top one percent…

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