How Christian Discipleship Influences Romantic Love Essay

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How Christian Discipleship Influences Romantic Love

How does Christian discipleship influence how Christians view and think about romantic love from the way our contemporary culture sees it?
Secular American culture tends to define romantic love as elation, a “feeling" that one gets when one sees a man or a woman that one deems “attractive.” It is what movies and popular books might portray as love at first sight, when one is walking down a street and sees someone, their eyes meet and the next thing you know they are dating or “in love.” One example of this type of infatuation is in the movie, “Titanic.” Fictional character, Jack Dawson, sees Rose on the ship and falls in love with her at first sight when they both“just happen” to be in the right place to see each other. This portrayal of love tends to illustrate that the only thing that exists is the other person. However, too many times, this elated feeling based on hormones and emotions tends to last only a short time and often results in fractured relationships unless replaced by a deeper, more lasting love. I believe that as Christians, people that proclaim to live lives that follow Christ, should take on the characters of honoring and following Jesus in our romantic relationships. As children of God we should take on characteristics of God’s love as we grow in our faith and as He shapes us. Christian romantic love should go far beyond emotions and physical acts, I believe that Christian romantic love will be…

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