Essay on How Childhood Obesity Become Epidemic

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Childhood obesity become epidemic, 30 years ago children were healthy than now. Before kids used to play more after school. Children used to play before dinner for hours, and in gym class. The kids from this generation experience different lifestyle. Now they don’t walk to school they take cars or buses. Also the gym and afterschool been cut. Kids instead of playing after school they just stay home watching tv or playing on the internet. Before kids used to just eat one snack during the day, now they be eating up to 6 snack in a day. We eat 31% more calories than 14 years ago. Children from this generation have different lifestyle in away that can be bad for them. Children from this generation do not share their time with others kids, meaning they stay home watching tv or using their internet. Staying home and watching tv could be a reason to lead to obesity because of the thing you see in the internet (“Let 's Move”).

The following study explained the negative effects of fast food. Eating unhealthy food can add up to health problems for childrens. Growing up with health problem could be very difficult when you are an adult. You can lead to heart disease etc. Diabetes it’s being seen in children and adolescent. The doctors are seeing more diabetes in children than before. 200-2006 NHANES survey shows that 16% of kids have pre-diabetes. This shows how kids could have very bad problems when they become adults. Children won’t know what’s bad for them, they won’t know what…

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