Essay How Can We Learn About Gender Equality?

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Interacting with different cultures can be very adventures for some people, but, also can be very frustrating learning and adapting to it. For many managers traveling abroad is very exciting, but for those that do not have the chance to work abroad, it is a dream. The opportunity to learn about a country and to be completely submerged in it and its culture is something that is seen in movies; especially when a large business is able to cover all the expenses that involve the process. For a professional who desire to move up in his/her career this might be a great opportunity. Yet before this move is taken, he/she must be must be aware that there may face some complications and cultural shock to this venture. Even though it may seem exciting, there is also a negative side to working abroad, difficulty from adapting to their culture, gender double standard, and being far from family.

Although we live in the 21 century there’s still much to learn about gender equality. Some cultures are slow to adapt seeing a woman being in a lead position over men. Developed nations such the US and Europe understands the contributions that women manager can give. South American countries do not easily accept this approach and others require the woman to have a male counterpart to run the department. We must understand that women have a unique and different view from male managers. If a woman is giving the opportunity they can contribute as well as any other.

Management on developed countries…

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