How Can We Assimilate From The Modern Context? Essay

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How can we assimilate HBCUs in the modern context? HBCUs are approaching a cross roads in terms or relevance in today’s society. The purpose they once served is becoming somewhat outdated. The role they once played was could be viewed as progressive and evolutionary, but now they can be described as too conservative and unnecessary in some aspects. Because of this phenomena it was affected many different aspects of HBCUs and has led to a decline in the relevance of them in today’s society.
Through comprehensive research and social commentary from peers and professors we have identified some core issues that HBCUs may face and how we can address them to adapt HBCUs to fit the modern societal construct. We examined several academic journals and did some deep research as to what the reoccurring issues black universities face are and how those issues negatively affect HBCUs. We then compared what we learned from our context research to what we have learned from our personal interviews with the thoughts of people who are stakeholders of the issue of HBCUs becoming obsolete.
Through our research we have identified several challenges that must be addressed to be able to make HBCUs more relevant in today’s society:
1. Identity of HBCUs
2. Faculty development
3. Prioritization of academic success
4. More aligned planning among faculty, budgeting and academia
5. Lack of investment
6. Graduation standards not being met
7. Graduate education
8. How to quantify student learning and…

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