How Can Stress Your Friend? Essays

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21. How to Make Stress Your Friend

I find Kelly’s tedtalk amazing, but also sketchy. I do believe like she said if you handle stress in a different way stress can not be as bad for you. I can’t believe that stress is actually good if you handle it well. I know I am not going to be looking for more stressful situations then I have to. She did open my eyes that I can handle stress better. I generally am a happy person I volunteer and help out my community, but with that I have piles of stress. I will try to take from this video that I should try to handle stress better and look at stress from a different viewpoint.

22.Your Brain on Video Games

I found this tedtalk very interesting. It is crazy to think video games can actually be good for you. Even a video game like Call of Duty! I found it very shocking that those who play video games have improved eyesight. It just didn’t make any sense to me until Daphne explained it. It 's amazing to think of the benefits video games can have when we find a way to make educational games entertaining as well. This will open the door for a whole new group of positive things that can come from playing video games!

23. School Hacking

First I want to start by saying that this kid is amazing. He is so smart for being at such a young age. I do agree with him in the end we just want to be happy and that hacking is not a bad thing. Hacking helps us to make changes. I thought his education seemed so cool. Although I did not hack my K-12…

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