How Can Make Twitter Work For You And Jeff Dorsey 's Investors

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How to make Twitter work for you and Jeff Dorsey’s investors

Twitter’s beauty is a well-designed constraint – broadcast what you want to say in 140 characters or less. No middlemen.

The celebrity world flocked to Twitter. For the rest of us, a tweet sounded like a fable’s moral or couplets of yore*- short, simple and [hopefully] memorable. A simple approach that stood the test of time also helped propel Twitter and how? At recent earnings call, the numbers spoke- 310 million users. 595 M in Revenue last quarter. Staunch users continue to be loyal. And Jeff Dorsey and his Twitter team have done a remarkable job of keeping them happy.

Yet, Jeff Dorsey has a challenge. Wall street is baying for Twitter’s growth. Why is Twitter growth apparently stalled?

His predicament reminds me of a story I watched with fascination in the villages in India. Every summer, I visited my grandparents in the village. One summer, I noticed something unique in the local mom and pop store in the village- I found sachets hanging very visibly. I asked the shopkeeper what they were– he mentioned a local company made shampoo and conditioner in sachets [they looked like Taco Bell sauce packets, a little bigger] and the folks in the village found it convenient.

When the city bred honchos created shampoos- they worked on better and deeper products – upping the ante every year in classier looking bottles. This local company made it into simpler nuggets and reached a larger customer…

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