How Can I Help The World Today? Essay

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Living in the Trees
“I wake up in the morning asking myself what can I do today, how can I help the world today” (Hill)? This quote is very meaningful to me, it helps me know and remember the direction I should be going in my life. I want to help and inspire the world to do better and I hope that through this manuscript, I am able to achieve this goal. As well as inspiring people, I want to show that I am a hands-on type of person and that I like to take action and not just sit around and talk about problems in this world. I like to help fix them and join in on movements to make them even stronger. My purpose in writing this is to uncover issues in this world that are unknown to most and to try to enact a change in individuals which will turn into large and powerful groups. It is important that readers learn to initiate change because without it, our planet will become stagnant and stuck in our old ways. In this manuscript, I will share my feelings about civil disobedience, activism, and nature.
To start off, I am a tax resister and currently owe hundreds of thousands of dollars to the IRS, and I refuse to pay it. Even though I, family, and friends of mine have been threatened, I am not willing to let the government win (Hill, Julia. Julia). There are two main reasons why I refrain from presenting my money to the government: Industry and war crimes against humanity. First, the levy system, I believe, is not a beneficial part of politics. The government devotes our…

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