How Boys Become Men Analysis

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How Boys Become Men
Nobody’s deserved to be treated cruelly. Jon Katz, a well-known reporter who is famous for his talented writing. In the 90’s, Katz wrote “How boys become men” which appeared in Glamour magazine. The writing is about a boy who had experience bullying in his childhood. Being bullied, the boy felt scared and frightened in his own school. Not only getting bullied, they did not have a gut to tell other people, too. I feel connected after reading the writing because I have witnessed and my interviewees have experienced bullying in their boyhoods.
Most of the bullied people are nerds, that is the fact because they are vulnerable. Nerd is a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious. They are
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Levi was born in Australia and moved to Canada. He was a victim of bullying nearly 20 years ago. He got bullied in his neighborhood when he first came to Canada. It caused serious damage to Levi. He had to go to the therapist for 2 years. I asked Levi what does he think about the afterward of bullying and what is it feel like to be a boy gets bullied different than a girl gets bullied. Some bullying does not cause serious damage but does leave severe emotional problems. Levi states, “nobody should feel terrified in school or in the neighborhood.” I totally agree with the guy, especially in the modern world. Everybody should feel free to grown and live. An average of 5 suicides and 20 homicides happen in each year from 1992 to 2011, more than 60% are girls. Teenagers in general and students in particular are fragile. Their emotional get hurt easily. In my opinion, a kid should not be damaged emotionally. It is worse than physical. “Boys are supposed to be better than girls physically and emotionally”, says Levi. “Luckily, my parents did not put a standard for me, they just wanted me to be myself, be happy.” Levi is now in his 30s, he expects his kids to be the

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