Essay on How Bharata 's Mother 's Attitude Toward Rama

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1. The nursemaid changes Bharata’s mother’s attitude toward Rama by placing thoughts of fear convincing her that as a king, Rama would treat her, Bharata, and his wife as slaves, and that Rama would make her son wander alone from land to land. Maybe as a mother, it was normal that she fears for her son since every mother only wishes the best for their own children. Nevertheless, according to the story Rama saw her as a mother as well, and at some point, she was happy for him when the king made the announcement. She only changed her thinking and feelings for him as soon as the nursemaid poison her with words of fears and brought up jealously to her heart. Bharata’s mother attitude was not realistic. She shouldn’t have let anyone else change her attitude toward her step-son since she has always known how kind Rama was to her and his brothers, and how protective he was with all his family. 3. In ancient Hindu tradition, every person had to be loyal to righteous behavior even if this means that the person would have to endure a life of suffer and sorrow, however, I believe Laskhmana was right to encourage Rama to fight for his title as a king. He knew his brother was entitled to that right since he was the oldest of the king’s sons. He also knew that it was their father’s desire to let Rama take his place. The king was too old and didn’t have the strength he used to have when he was young, and he had already made a public announcement that his son Rama would take his…

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