Essay about How Banning Alcohol Advertising Is Good Thing For Society

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Josh Thiemann Comm 404 Final Paper

In this paper I will be discussing how banning alcohol advertising is good thing for society and how it relates to the self according to Kenneth Gergen. Gergen lead the way in taking serious the impact of information technology and how it relates to the self and identity. Gergen says “New technologies make it possible to sustain relationships—directly or indirectly—with an ever expanding range of other persons. In many respects we are reaching what may be viewed as social saturation” (Gergen, 1991, p.3.) He argues that these technological developments and the social saturation that they created have a profound impact on our understanding of the self.
Gergen suggests that with the removal of traditional barriers to forming relationships of time and space that these technological advancements lead to multiphrenia, a splitting of the individual into many different selves. We are available for communication, via answering machine, fax, and e-mail, even when we are not physically present. Gergen writes: “The relatively coherent and unified sense of self inherent in a traditional culture gives way to manifold and competing potentials. A multiphrenic condition emerges in which one swims in ever-shifting, concatenating, and contentious currents of being. One bears the burden of an increasing array of thoughts, of self-doubts and irrationalities” (Gergen, 1991, p. 80.) Gergen claims the realities of postmodern life are changing the way people…

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